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In Loving Memory of

William T Noon


October 1943 - July 28, 2019


Noonshine Window & Blind Cleaning, Inc. was started in January 1994 out of the basement of his home. Developed with an idea that window cleaning should be an established residential service similar to maid service or lawn service, Noonshine has succeeded beyond Bill's wildest expectations.  "I consider myself very lucky to have done so well despite the odstacles I faced in 2004", he said.  In 2005, Noon took his business to the next level, with the addition of new construction final clean up. Bill credits his entrepreneurial spirit to his mother, Dolly. 

Bill's experience in entreprenuership has helped him to bring Noonshine to over 25 years of business growth successfully with 2nd and 3rd generations of family involvement in Noonshine Window & Gutter Cleaning.

Some people seek windows of opportunity.To Bill Noon, windows are the opportunity. -Bill Noon

"Your Pane Is Our Passion" -Bill Noon


I am a dreamer and I'm living my dream every day. I don't know what other people do in their business, but I can't wait for the alarm to go off every morning. I love my business and what it does for everyone we service or help. Not many business people can say they are living their dreams or vision, but I can

Am I a Dreamer -Bill Noon

Our company has helped the community by providing a needed service for their homes.  We also employ local people who work, and spend money in the local community. Our community is important to us.

A love for our community -Bill Noon

While we've grown to be quite a force in the glass cleaning business, that Noonshine Glass Cleaner, the one that keeps our customers singing our praises, has never changed.  In fact, we got so many requests for our window cleaner that we decided to make it available to the entire world.

Noonshine All Purpose Glass Cleaner -Bill Noon


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Noonshine All Purpose Glass Cleaner

Noonshine All Purpose Glass Cleaner