It's a Beautiful December for Window & Gutter Cleaning

It's a Beautiful December for Window & Gutter Cleaning

It's December and the weather is absolutely beautiful for window & gutter cleaning service!

Noonshine will clean your windows & gutters all year around especially when the weather is above 32 degrees and the sun is shining! 

Keep your windows sparkling all winter long and your gutters cleared of debris before the snow and ice. 

Schedule your windows & gutters today on-line at or call our office at 913-381-3780

Gutter Cleaning Special - $150.00 for up to 200 lineal feet, up to 2 stories.  Additional $1.00 per lineal foot over 200 or 2 stories. 

No gutters with screens, covers or guards.

Window Cleaning Special - receive 5% off your window cleaning service. 

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Get your Gutters cleaned before the Snow and Ice from winter comes. 

Walk outside.  Look Up. 

Do you see sticks, leaves, weeds, nests, etc hanging over or sticking out of your gutters? 

Don't Neglect your Gutters.  Neglected Gutters can cause leaking problems which can cause hundreds of dollars in damages.

Schedule your Gutter Cleaning today at or by calling 913-381-3780.

Gutter Special:  $150.00 for up to 200 lineal feet of gutters, up to 2 stories. 

Additional charge applied of $1.00 per foot over 200 ft or 2 stories. 

Does not apply to Gutters with Gutter guards/covers/screens or any type of covers

Not valid with other offers

New Construction Final Cleanup, Touch Up & Buffs

New Construction Final Cleanup, Touch Up & Buffs

Restaurant Construction Renovation

Need a New Construction Final Clean, Touch Up and Buff Clean? 

We work with multiple builders in and around the Kansas City Area.  

Our crews worked nights to accommodate a construction renovation for a restaurant that needed a night construction final clean job completed. 


Noonshines New Website

Noonshines New Website

Welcome to our new website where you can now

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We hope you enjoy, if there is anything you need help with please feel free to contact us!


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New Construction final cleans, buffs and touch-ups